Dear Eddie Ssemakula,
I am seated here in my humble, yet-not-humble air conditioned office on Rwenzori Towers. It finally dawned on me that you are about to take a very big leap in your life, a huge leap in your journey of salvation and a huge leap in society. It is a huge leap in your life because you have finally found your missing rib and are now whole without any missing rib, It is a huge leap in your journey of salvation because you are about to become a Priest in a household and be the priest over the damsel that God has trusted you with. It is a huge leap in society because unfortunately, society does not recognize you among the table of men unless you have a significant other. I do not know if that even makes spiritual sense after all celibacy is also Godly but munange, we are in this world although we are not of this world!

Eddie Ssemakula, i cannot exactly remember the circumstances that led to our first meeting but all i know is that we have Facebook to thank God for because Facebook was the initial place before i downloaded you and met you at the White House. That initial physical meeting led to an interview on your radio talk show then, ” The Twenty Something” although at the time, i am not even sure i had clocked the “twenty something” age! I was probably still a teen. But that marked a journey of friendship that i look back at with so much pride.

Eddie, i can confidently say that i have known you for a while! I have tested your spirit and i can confidently stand up and testify that you are a good man, with all your imperfections and with all the drama you make with Gerard, Kasami and Martin (the serial single peeps). Imperfect or not, every Rose has a thorn but that is what makes it beautiful. Your love for the Lord is not something that can be disputed and your love for journalism and reading is something that challenges me a poor sinner! Over the years, i have taunted you about your single hood but you have taken it in good faith and never have you chosen to be offended. (Please do not return the favor because i will cry) It is just sad that you have left behind that Gerard whose name keeps changing year in and year out mbu kati he is called Aruari. (Mscchhttwwww). There is also another one who went oversees but still came back as single as can be. He refused to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living and refused to possess the land God gave him together with the damsels in it. Then there is also a certain musumba naye oyo let me excuse him kubanga “touch not my anointed.”

I have known Rhionah for a few years now. My memories of her are her days in CCE, as a GRC. I wont lie that i liked her so much then; it was probably my proud self that just wanted to stick to my circles coupled with the fact that when i stood for a certain post, she was supporting a rival camp. Once that childishness of beefing was out of the way, i was able to see her for who she was especially when we met at Soul Sisters; someone passionate about the things of God, a girly girl and a lady with a heart of gold. I wouldn’t be prouder of your choice for a life partner.

To us the lawyers, 1st November will be taken to be your wedding date and we shall recognise you as married w.e.f 1st November. In the eyes of the church, you will only be married on the 27th of December 2014, a wedding date you share with good friends of mine, Laura Byaruhanga and Businge Leonard. I am sure you will have a glamorous marriage. Rhionah being the girly girl will obviously pay attention to details; the theme colour, the fashion and style of her wedding dress and that of the maids’ dresses, the cake, the decor, the music, the food, the cars, the venue. Yes, you will pay so much detail to those because a wedding comes once in a lifetime.

Eddie, you will pass the test of a wedding. I am sure of that because you have an awesome team of friends that will go all the way to make your day happen and add color and laughter to it.

Eddie Ssemakula, DO NOT FAIL THE MARRIAGE!!!

I will repeat this one last time; PASS THE WEDDING BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY PASS THE MARRIAGE. Eddie, i say this because we live in a fallen and broken world. We live in a world where we are fixated with the prospect of a glamorous wedding and forget about what is most important; the marriage. Once we have finished watching you dancing to your first song and have eaten our share of the cake, we shall abandon you and go back to our homes and our worlds. You will then be stuck with a fellow sinner with no manual on how to handle the sinner other than the word of God. Eddie, do not fail the marriage.

I have seen so many people in love; promising heaven and earth to each other and giving us all a glimpse of heaven on earth. Months later, you meet the same people and they are but a shadow of their former selves. Eddie, do not fail the marriage test. As a Christian, your marriage is not only about you, its kingdom business and its church business. It reminds me of my favorite Sunday School song “They are watching you, marking all you do, hearing the things that you say. Let them see the savior as he shines in you…” Yes Eddie, you will be expected to model what a Christian marriage should be like. Eddie, do not fail the marriage test.

Eddie, every marriage can be fixed if we are willing to fix it and come to a realization that a marriage is two imperfect people bringing an imperfect love before a perfect God. It is the realization that the race is not for the swift and neither is the battle for the strong ones. It is the realization that “Jesus at the center of it all, from beginning to the end, it will always be, it has always been you Jesus. Nothing else matters, nothing in this world will do, Jesus you are the center, everything revolves around you, Jesus you’re at the center of it all” Eddie, do not fail the marriage.

Eddie, do not ever relegate or decentralize your duties as the man in the home. Take your duties seriously. Priest, Protector and Provider! If you ever fail at the second and third, at least succeed at the first; BE THE PRIEST OF YOUR HOME! Eddie, i am not married myself but i can assure you that people are slowly taking God out of the equation and as a result, they are failing their marriages. Be the priest of your home! You can sleep on an empty stomach but you cannot sleep without the congregation at the family altar. A Godless marriage is a difficult one Eddie and you should never ever trade that path. Eddie, do not fail your marriage.

As you prepare to wrap gifts and behold the sight of a damsel in a gomesi tomorrow followed by the usual culprits led by Theo, Leletu, Treasure and the Soul Sisters, i want you to know that i will be praying for you and wish you the absolute best on your introduction/ wedding date. Enjoy your day. But most importantly, DO NOT FAIL THE MARRIAGE.

Yours faithfully,
A lady looking on from the sidelines.




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