Blame this on my new found obsession or can i say “fling?” Anyway, that is a story for another day! Of recent, this topic comes up everytime i sit down for a conversation with my girls to catch up on what is happening in our lives. Amidst the giggling, the hushed conversations and the whispers, we cant help but scrutinize the men that walk into our lives seeking for a chance at love with these lovely Princesses and daughters of the most High God.

Some of these men make it so easy for us to say YES. Others put themselves in the rejected lane ab initio, because they are the kind that every woman will resist. So to make it easy for all the men, there are kinds of men that me and so many other ladies will not be able to resist.


Gosh, i am obsessed with intelligent men!! I literally ogle when an intelligent man is speaking because such are my kind and the kind that attract many women. An intelligent man engages you in intellectually stimulating experiences and he is not afraid to challenge my intellect. Intelligent men make me laugh with their clever sense of humour, and have an uncanny ability to make boring topics like football and politics interesting.


In this fast paced world, i am constantly noticing a trend of men who are not considerate to a woman’s needs or who unintentionally forget how sensitive women are. So a considerate guy is a fresh breath of air. A guy who will not just sit in the car and hoot for you to come out but will walk to your doorstep to pick you up. A guy who wont just drop you at home but will walk you to your door and ensure that you are safely in your house before he leaves. A guy who will give you considerate notice before he expects you to drop whatever you are doing to be with him (P.S: Emergencies and spontaneity are an exception) Such men are purely irresistible!


Machismo is the sense of being macho or manly, the concept associated with “a strong sense of masculine pride. It is associated with “a man’s responsibility to provide for, protect, and defend his family.” There is something very attractive about a man with a male ego and masculine pride but who knows that his responsibilities are to provide, protect and defend his family! Such a man will fight for you with every breath left in him. No, he doesnt have to be jealous but he should not be afraid to show the world that you are his chic and they should back off or that he will not tolerate anyone disrespecting their chic! That man right there is to die for.


A confident man is very important to a career woman but even more important to us the lawyers! Lawyers can be very intimidating to many people and it is worse if the lawyer in question is female! A confident man is not shaken by your titles and what everyone else views you as. He is confident and knows his place in your life. He is not threatened by your title and by the presence of other males in your life; he doesn’t snoop around on you. He is sure of his position in your life. He knows that you are his number one man and so the rest can wait. He takes charge of any situation and is in control. Someone pass me a fan, its hot in here! (LOL, totally smitten)


Now, all women will agree that there is something, something about a man who is athletic and sporty. A man who plays sports, be it football, rugby, cricket or basketball is totally one who makes every girl smitten! I guess it has something to do with the fact that they are physically fit and pot bellies or beer-bellies are not part of the equation. Plus you get to have regular plot of watching your man play and cheer him on! Well, what can i say? I guess you get the drift.


Put together connotes a man who is simply orderly. A man who dresses sharply, smells clean and fresh and has got his physical appearance sorted out. We will all agree that a man dressed in clothes that are 3 sizes his size is a turn-off. I will resist the temptation to talk about a guy who smells like a he-goat but i guess you get the drift. I will also resist the temptation to talk about a guy who is unaware that toothbrushes and toothpaste are not expensive! Today i am talking about the guys that i find irresistible and a put together guy is one of those.


Isn’t this one obvious? The flowers? The holding hands? The jackets on a cold date? The compliments everyday? The chocolate? The sweet messages? The whispers of sweet nothings? Opening doors? Pulling chairs? YEAH, that and so much more! We all fall crazily in love with romantic men, they are simply irresistible.


Now, i made this the last because this is the most important and i wouldn’t want anyone to be carried away with the bonus things and forget the most important thing that matters. A man totally in love with Jesus and totally sold out to GOD. That right there is the real deal!!! With such a man, you cannot go wrong! In fact the word Jesus smells out rightly irresistible on a man! Get a man in love with Jesus and sold out to his teachings and you will automatically get a faithful man, a priest, protector and provider!  You get a spiritual covering over your dwelling and over your soul!! Men in love with Jesus are simply awesome.

So, that right there are the men that are simply irresistible. Now, lets hear about the men you find absolutely irresistible.



  1. Women! No what is what?! This is like saying you can resist any man. If he isn’t either of the above, he is not a man. But seriously, make a choice. Pick one or two at most. It is close to impossible to get all those features in one man.

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